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Our mission is simple: We protect and advocate for the educational rights of disadvantaged youth and children with disabilities.

Our goal is to identify children, especially those who have disabilities or any kind of disadvantage, and to give them a voice in their educational journey. We work closely with parents, especially those who are parents of a child who may have challenges or disabilities.  Parents and school personnel working together to develop supports and services unique to the child is critical for success in the child's educational career.  Families who suspect, or have children who have been identified with a variety of needs, are entitled to protections from federal and state law. 

Our Vision for every single child is that:

  • Children facing significant barriers such as, disabilities, poverty, or English as a second language are provided the equal opportunities for a free and appropriate public education..
  • By providing vigorous advocacy services, we help foster and cultivate a lifelong love for learning, especially for children who may previously have known only frustration and failure.
  • Every child is afforded extraordinary opportunities in order to explore their strengths so they can lead fulfilling lives and make a successful transition into adulthood.