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Our Services


Although our primary focus is advocating for your child, Rhode Island Advocacy for Children offers a variety of services put in place to help you and your child.

Our services include:

Individual Consultations: Before IEP, 504, and evaluation meetings with the school are scheduled, we can work together to develop a strategic plan. Our consultation and review is designed to support you throughout the educational process. We provide individual consultations to give parents the information and support needed to work directly with the school systems. Our consultations allow you to focus on your child and his or her individual needs during meetings.

Individual Advocacy Services: Parents or caregivers can chose to have their advocate support them and advocate for them during complex meetings. Our advocates have the knowledge of special education laws and regulations and can make sure that your child is getting what they are legally entitled to.

Educational Evaluations: At Rhode Island Advocacy for Children, we have our own independent educational evaluator! We have worked to make sure the cost of getting your child evaluated through our organization is more affordable than doing it on your own. 

Planning and Organization: It is imperative that your records are complete and organized in the most efficient manner.  This collection of records allows you, an advocate, a special education attorney or other professional access to all documents at the exact time they are needed. We can help you determine what is important and how to file your child's information efficiently. 

Training Workshops and Seminars: We organize events where we educate groups on a variety of special educations topics that schools and parents can utilize in working with and advocating for children with special needs! If you are interested in scheduling a training seminar, contact us! If you are interested in seeing a list of our upcoming training seminars, visit our Events Calendar!

Parent Informational Sessions: We run many educational workshops to help keep our clients informed about special education issues. For a list of upcoming workshops, visit our Events Calendar!

Special Needs Tutoring: We know many special needs tutors who will be able to help your child in school and with their homework. To be connected with one of our tutors, contact us!

Other Information and Resources: Our advocates and staff are educated in the complexities of the education process, but it is still important to be informed when it comes to your child's education. For additional resources, click here!

Rhode Island Advocacy for Children is now a Program of The Arc Rhode Island.

The Arc promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.


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