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Programs & Services

We offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of those affected by misunderstanding and inaction on the part of the school system.

We help them and their families by providing programs, information and resources to assist in their journey. We also help by raising awareness through public outreach and media.




Providing professional education advocate services for families who need assistance and guidance in the complicated world of special education services. Often parents are frustrated and may suspect learning disabilities or behavioral issues that are manifesting and impacting their child's education and social development.


Rhode Island Advocacy for Children provides Education Advocacy Training and Assistance to Parents. We meet one-on-one, propose options and strategies, provide resources, referrals as well as educate parents on their rights within the school system protected under state and federal law. Sign up for our newsletter to be included in upcoming trainings!

Social Change


Rhode Island Advocacy for Children is deeply committed to impacting change in the public education system for all children.  We are active in protecting the rights of our most vulnerable children through effective legislation, regulatory, administrative or legal remedies which is essential to ensure your child has educational and employment success in their chosen paths.

Why Us?

As a 501(c)3)not-for-profit organization run by parents and educational experts to address obstacles in the public school system that may limit a child's opportunity to succeed regardless of their race or special needs.

Find Your Inner Power Through Education and Training

We Provide:

Personal, sit-down consultations and options for parents regarding their child's education and concerns.

Educational Advocacy Services for review of records, preparation and attendance at IEP with the parents, proposals of strategies when presenting parental concerns, framing a request for services or accompanying the parent to any school meetings where they may need support.

​​​Education and Training for Parents on Special Education and     Train to be an Educational Advocate in Rhode Island.

Referrals to some of the best Special Education Attorneys, Education Experts, including Neuropsychologists and Educational Evaluators, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Social Groups committed to our families and their children.