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Special Education Advocacy in Rhode Island

We are here to provide families like yours with information, individual support and professional educational advocacy assistance when communicating concerns to your child's teachers and school administration .  Families need to clearly and effectively present their concerns to Educational Teams and Administration in order to receive the supports and services that their child is entitled to through Federal Law and State Regulations. This is admittedly very difficult for parents, no matter what your background or education.

Our client families have ranged from parents who, in their own professions, are scientists, architects, technology gurus, bankers, regular and special education teachers -- even a Director of a school!   In other words, even if you know the Rhode Island education landscape in and out, advocating for your child is the most difficult thing a parent can do.  This is your child.  You know them best and are their very best advocate.  Unfortunately, asking and receiving for supports and services in the confusing special education maze can be mind boggling!  Truthfully, most families have no or little knowledge of what to do if their child is experiencing difficulties, what the school is responsible to provide or what the parents rights are within the education system.  

Alarming statistics show children with disabilities, racial/diverse cultures and have low income have disparate outcomes in education. We work with families to clarify the challenges and struggles their child may have in school.  We assist parents and schools to resolve disagreements about a child's Individualized Education Plan(IEP) or 504 Plan. We draw upon our network of professionals to provide the information they need in order to ensure their child is receiving a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). 

Rhode Island Advocacy for Children believes no parent should have to navigate the system by themselves.  We are dedicated to working with families who do not have the specialized knowledge, training or resources required to effectively advocate for children experiencing difficulties at school.  

 If you need your concerns to be heard and appropriately acted upon,  contact us today to let us know how we can assist your family!

Rhode Island Advocacy for Children is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization. We provide families of children with special needs Educational Advocacy Services, Special Needs Tutoring, Private Educational Evaluations and Testing, Training, Presentations & Workshops for Parents, Community Groups and Schools in RI. We are NOT a law firm nor provide medical services. We DO NOT provide legal or medical advice.

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Mary Lou Kennedy Rossi is a retired Elementary School Principal, Special Educator, and General Education Classroom Teacher. Mary Lou is the parent of five children and step-children and a grandson with special needs.